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Welcome to the Wheel of Fortune Wiki, a Fandom page featuring details on the long-running Wheel of Fortune game show franchise. Created by Merv Griffin and first airing in the United States in 1975 (with a syndicated version airing since 1983), the Wheel format has also had success in other countries. Wheel of Fortune. 853K likes · 12,639 talking about this. The official page for Wheel of Fortune, America's Game. Visit the site at Wheel of Fortune has been given exposure to the media in popular culture from movies, tv shows, cartoons and comics. 1 The Super Mario Bros. Super Show 1.1 On Her Majesty's Sewer Service 1.2 Cyrano de Mario 2 The Simpsons 2.1 Homer Defined 2.2 Brother From the Same Planet 2.3 Pranksta Rap 3 Family Guy 3.1 A Hero Sits Next Door 3.2 I Take Thee Quagmire 3.3 Family Guy Viewer Mail #2 3.4 Brian Me on Wheel of Fortune back in 2001

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Dec 01, 2017 · Image via Wheel of Fortune. In 1975 Merv Griffin came up with the idea for a game show based on the simple word game known as Hangman and created Wheel of Fortune.Since then, Wheel of Fortune has aired over 6,000 episodes, making it the longest-running syndicated game show currently on television. Wheel of Fortune is a game show that debuted on January 6th, 1975 to great success, with Chuck Woolery as host. This success has only grown, with Pat Sejak hosting the current iteration of the show, and currently over sixty international adoptions to capitalize on the series' success. Wheel of Fortune (often known simply as Wheel) is an American television game show created by Merv Griffin that debuted in 1975. The show features a competition in which contestants solve word puzzles, similar to those used in Hangman, to win cash and prizes determined by spinning a giant carnival wheel. Sep 19, 1983 · Created by Merv Griffin. With Pat Sajak, Vanna White, Charlie O'Donnell, Jim Thornton. Hosted by Pat Sajak, this game show features 3 contestants who try to solve a puzzle by spinning the wheel and guessing letters in a word or phrase.

Welcome to Wheel of Fortune's official YouTube page. Wheel of Fortune has been the #1 syndicated series since its inception and has earned 7 Daytime Emmy Awards. With more than 27 million viewers

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Dec 03, 2018 · ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Has Been Around Forever “Wheel Of Fortune” is one of the longest-running syndicated game shows of all time. It was even inducted into the Broadcasting Hall of Fame in 2017. The show first aired as a daytime series in 1975 and then was revamped as a nighttime show in 1983. Getty Images Read more Things You Never Knew About ‘Wheel Of Fortune’

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